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Why. How.

Cool Stuff Labs was founded by Frank Filipanits Jr. and incorporated in Silicon Valley in 1997. Nine years later, the company relocated to Sarasota, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our clients come from every corner of the globe.

The driving philosophy behind the company is embodied in the name: to make cool stuff (and to have fun while doing it!).

Cool Stuff Labs specializes in the field of Audio Signal Processing, with a particular focus on plug-in development for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

We are fully licensed JUCE, Apple, Steinberg, and Avid Development Partners and a certified Avid Connectivity Developer. This allows us to provide contract services to third parties interested in development for AAX and AAX DSP, AudioUnits, VST2 and VST3, on both OSX and Windows.

Our unique library of signal processing algorithms and custom additions to plug-in SDKs allow us to generate state-of-the-art products with eye-catching GUIs and extraordinary sonic character. And decades of experience results in very high quality code, which translates to shorter testing time, higher customer satisfaction, and lower maintenance costs.

AVID Connectivity Developer

If you are interested in further information regarding our availability and rates, please contact us.

We are also working on our own line of products.