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24 October 2011

Transition to AAX: A Real Programmer's Perspective
(as posted to the DAW-MAC mailing list)

20 October 2011

Kush Audio has released the unique and revolutionary UBK-1 plug-in, with DSP and GUI developed by Frank Filipanits of Cool Stuff Labs.

" The UBK-1 is a plugin that oozes with character [...] It gets two thumbs up from me and a short round of applause for actually bringing something new to the plugin table."

- Stiff, ProToolerBlog

22 November 2010

An Open Letter on the Consequences of Using Cracked Software
(as posted to the DAW-MAC mailing list)

14 April 2010

Cool Stuff Labs is delighted to announce that Abbey Road Studios has released the long-awaited RS124 plug-in, with DSP and GUI developed by our very own Frank Filipanits. 3D modeling for the UI graphics was performed by Jim McCampbell of Peculiar Pictures, Inc. We have attempted to raise the bar for authenticity, modeling not just an approximation of a particular model but three specific hardware units (identified by their distinct serial numbers) with all of their individual idiosyncrasies.

" The sound is simply incredible. [...] The hardware-modelled plug-in bar has been raised."

- Alan Branch, May 2010 Audio Media