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Why. How.

Cool Stuff Labs was incorporated in Silicon Valley in 1997, by Frank Filipanits Jr.


Too many companies today are driven by short term gains, unwilling to venture into any area that doesn't provide guaranteed, steady ROI (return on investment). In practical terms, this means iteration and repackaging of existing, well-understood technologies. It also means stifled creativity and frustrated engineers.

The greatest leaps in technological advancement are not made by incremental refinement of yesterday's product; they are made when individuals break free from the pack, and are left to think outside the constructs of profit and practicality.

Any successful enterprise must have a balance of the two; great ideas do not of themselves pay for lab space and computers and food. But where many companies are driven (often by perceived investor pressure) to grind out as much D as possible, Cool Stuff Labs was founded to swing the pendulum the other way, and put the R back in R&D.


There is a fundamental belief at play here; if you build it, and it is cool, you will survive. The disbelievers scoff and cite examples of superior technology that failed: Betamax, DAT tape, Apple Computer. But realize this: each of these found a place in the market where their superior capabilities were recognized. Each of these products is still in production today. Each of these products sells millions of units annually. If that's failure, sign us up.

There are many ways to measure success. The road to absurd wealth is often paved with the people you screwed on your way up, the "compromises" made in the interest of cutting costs, and the time you didn't spend with your kids. That just isn't very appealing to some of us.

We'd rather have the kind of success measured by irrepressable grins, oohs and aahs, and exclamations of "Wow, that's cool!"

DIGI Developer

Cool Stuff Labs is currently specializing in the field of Audio Signal Processing, with a particular focus on plug-in development for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). We are fully licensed Avid Development Partners and certified AVid Connectivity Developer, and can provide contract services to third parties interested in development for Pro Tools or any other platform. Our unique expertise and library of custom additions to plug-in SDKs allow us to generate state-of-the-art products, with eye-catching GUIs and the shortest development time around. Our considerable experience also results in very high quality code, which translates to shorter testing time, higher customer satisfaction, and lower maintenance costs.

AVID Connectivity Developer

We are also working on our own line of products.